A-Ba / Bessy / Bonita / Tara
about me

A-Ba, Bessy, Bonita and Tara and six other puppies were found on Jan. 11th, 2008 10 in Taoyuan county abandoned by the roadside. They had been put there in a cardboard box and having no where to go and no mother to care for them, the puppies stayed close to it. When we found them, two of them were sleeping on the road next to the box, three in the bushes and the rest was playing on the road. It was very dangerous as the road had heavy traffic. When we heard weak screams we noticed one puppy had already been crashed by a car and was lying on the other side of the road heavily wounded and looking out for its mates. One of the other dogs was trying to reach is sibling, but could not get there because of the heavy traffic. We took all ten puppies to a vet immediately, but on the long way we already felt its life fading away in our hands.
When the vet examined the injured puppy, which was barely alive on arrival, he told us it will most likely not survive. Besides all his efforts, it died a short while later. When examining the other puppies, the vet diagnosed 4 of them with a general weak condition being a result of underfeeding starting straight after birth. We were sad to lose also these 4 in the following week.
However 5 puppies were in much better condition and we were happy they survived and turned out to be strong, vital and completely cured. They all got injected with all necessary vaccines and are now in perfect health. We were glad to be able to find a home for one of the siblings.
But now Bonita, Tara, Bessy and A-Ba are still looking for a good home. We sincerely hope they will also find a loving home and never feel neglected and unwanted again in their life.