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We found Amy on the median strip of the highway. She was lying down, with open mouth panting nervously and did not know what to do anymore. There are a lot of stray dogs who get trapped on the median strip of a highway in Taiwan, because truck and car drivers just throw old lunch boxes out of their cars and so the green patch of land in between the car lanes with its food smell attract them in the early morning, when there is not much traffic. But when the morning traffic starts, they are unable to leave again because and endless queue of fast driving cars passing by and so they trot and trot along the median strip, which often gets more narrow and solely consist of concrete, until they are too exhausted to continue in the extensive heat without any shelter from the sun. They might not live until nightfall, when they could finally leave the highway, because it is easy to get hit by a car when walking on the narrow strip. When we stopped at the median strip, what we only could do because there was not much traffic at night, other cars where honking at us. We carried Amy to the car, because she was so in shock she did not want to walk by herself anymore. She could not walk on one leg, so we thought she had probably already been hit by a car, but was very lucky she did not get a more severe injury.
Taking her to the vet it was confirmed one of her legs was hurt, but the car must have slowed down before hitting her, so it was no serious injury and could heal completely. Besides a general weak condition from sparse and unhealthy food – stray dogs eat waste food from humans – she was remarkably well. Amy is now completely cured and in perfect health. Initially she was very shy, probably as a result of her nightmare being trapped on the freeway, but now she has recovered from that as well and has a cheerful personality.
Please consider giving Amy a loving home, after she has escaped from a death trap, which takes the life of street dogs every days whose bodies can be seen frequently on Taiwan’s highways. She will make a happy and grateful companion to a caring owner.