Coco and Flower
about me

In Taiwan’s nature are many abandoned dogs and so talking a walk in the countryside was leading to an encounter with a lame dog weakly waddling along a riverside. She dog had lost most of its fur and it could hardly be seen it once was a brown dog. Sick and underfed the dog didn’t pay much attention when our member approached her. But suddenly another brown dog, looking much healthier, was rushing out of the nearby trees and barked at our member, positioning itself in between the sick dog and the human.

The dog obviously was trying to protect its mate!

However, when the dog learned our member meant no harm and she offered some food to them, both dogs where approaching and the brave little “guardian angle”, later called Coco, was shaking its tail.

A few hours later, our member had brought some food and leashes and was searching for the two dogs again. Soon Coco and her mate, now called Flower, were found and finally our member brought them both to her car to rescue them. But at the parking lot she was in for a surprise, because a few kids were playing there. One approached the two dogs and said “Oh, you found my two dogs!” The kid, about five or six years old, explained he used to have those two dogs to play with, but one day his dad said they ran away.

When meeting the boy, Coco and even Flower were suddenly much livelier and wanted to play with the kid who was stroking them.

But after a while his father arrived and it became obvious the dogs where afraid of him. Soon “daddy” started to wave his arms around in the air and claimed, those dogs would not belong to their family. Both Coco and Flower were trying to escape, when they heard them man speaking loudly. It seemed both had made bad experiences with him. The little boy was crying and begging his father to get back his dogs, but with the obviously angry man, this was out of the question and so our member brought the dogs into her car and drove off.

 Coco and Flower are now completely cured and healthy and are looking for a good home, where they can feel save and loved.