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Notice: Halu has died.
Halu had a handicap since birth, which is explained below. However we were confident she could live a normal life besides that. But unfortunately Halu has died recently in her sleep. Most likely cause is the fact that her intestines never had a normal blood flow, which seemingly was a side effect of her handicap. We are glad our member took so good care of her to give a better life as long as she was with us.


Halu is 1 year 8 month old and a cute and lively dog. She is a real pleasure to have around and a real friendly dog. However, she had had two previous adopters, but both have returned her to us.
Reason for that is a health problem, which is solved for the most part, but left Halu with a little inconvenience. We had found Halu when she was only 2 month old. She was crawling around a deserted patch of land all by herself, without mother or owner anywhere in sight. Surviving will be a difficult task for a so young puppy anyway, but Halu had a even more serious problem. We noticed her belly was abnormally swollen. On taking her to the vet we got to know she had a birth defect: her anus was missing, but she still had managed to survive for so long without any help, which is a little miracle. In the following month, Halu had several operations and treatments which basically solved this condition: an artificial anus was created.
After her treatment, she is now able to go to toilet by herself and nothing reminds of the sick little puppy we found that day, because she is now a cute and lovely dog.
There is just one inconvenience left: she cannot control when to go to the toilet, so within 2 hours after eating, she will lose little mucks –tiny ones, because she is a tiny dog, but she will go for the apartment door, when she feels the time is coming. Halu needs a special dog food, Hills W/D dry dog food. The price is 20 lb for 40 Euro, but the food will last for 40 days, because Halu is a small dog of 5kg weight and does not need much food. With this diet she can live just like any other dog, besides the little inconvenience.

Being returned twice to us by her previous adopters has left Halu with a deep sadness, which shows at times. Once we had visited a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine who specialized on dogs and other pets and like his counterparts dealing with humans, this practitioner does not only focus on the body, but also on the mind. His diagnosis of Halu was a deep disappointment within her, because she felt people adopting her will first be nice to her and pet and caress her but then, only a short while later, she will be stored back into her transport cage and be brought back to where she came from. While loyalty to their own pack or family is the fundamental trait of dogs, Halu had to experience the opposite in humans: be hospitable at first but then change one’s mind quickly.
She stopped to care to shield herself from this treatment which is alien to her and will wait for the moment when she gets stashed back into that cage, even if she is treated nicely at first, the practitioner explained to us. “It is up to you if you want me”, she is saying in her mind to a new human who takes care of her. But she is happily accepting him or her and loves to play around with the person taking care of her, even though she fears the happiness might not last long again.

Halu is a friendly and very lovable little dog and we would really love to find a good home for her, where the owner can accept her like she is and show to her she is welcomed in the family and meant to stay, this time for good.

Further information:

If you want to take care of Halu you have to stick to the feeding outline as below to let her have good stool. Not complying with these rules means Halu will have too thin stool which causes a cleaning problem.

Halu needs Hill’s W/D and gets per meal 100g of it plus 10g adult food. She should be fed twice a day, so that makes 220g food every day.

Extra Food: 

Cookies: One small cookie is provided 1 time per 2 weeks to let Halu feel she is a good girl. Do not give more cookies or she will inevitably get thin stool.
NO MILK and no sugar or salt may be given. If cookies or other food have a sugar or salt crust on top or just traces of it, remove it.
Chicken breast: 30g per week may be given to Halu as a special reward for good behavior, but it has to be cooked only in water. Do not boil in oil, fat or anything else. The 30g have to be given on 2 or 3 days, do NOT give 30g on one day.

Going to toilet:
It is best to provide a cat’s toilet box for Halu with cat litter. When Halu is having stool about 2 hours after eating, she will go into the cat litter box for her stool. However, bits may already be dropped on the way to the cat litter box. When sticking to the feeding rules as above, her stool will be dry in small pieces and can be picked up easily with paper.

Use tissue to clean her behind every day, it only takes less than 5 minutes. Or shave her behind to keep it clean and it will take less than 2 minutes to clean it with tissue.

Note: As Halu does not have a sphincter muscle, she will shake her behind after finishing letting off her stool to get rid of bits still being stuck. It is best to put Halu to outside once she has finished with her stool before she starts shaking off or Halu’s cat litter box place should have tiles or similar so it can be easily cleaned in case bits of stool where flying to the wall next to the cat litter box.

Please see a video of Halu’s stool to get more information:



Dealing with children:
She has absolutely no problem with children and had been living with them before. She likes to be petted and to play like any other dog.

Daily Live with
other animals (i.e.: Cats & Dogs) :
She has absolutely no problem with cats or other dogs and had been living with them before. She is as fine with cats as she is with dogs. However, when other dogs or cats get their food, she will try to steal some food which may not be allowed, because she will get bad stool from it. It is best to bring Halu to somewhere else when the other animals get their food.

Barking :Halu will not bark often but in the beginning she needs someone or other animals to stay with her in the house to make her to feel safe and secure. After 2 days, she will not be afraid anymore.

Outside walking: During the first week Halu needs someone to accompany her taking a walk outside. After one week she knows the area and would like to go outside by herself. She will come back once she feels at home. Of course it has to be considered if the area is safe for her to walk alone in terms of traffic.