about me

When we saw Kenny the first time, he was standing at the side of a road with heavy traffic and strangely always going towards the cars, which were driving there. It seemed as if he wanted to stop the cars. We called him and tried to tell him to go away from the dangerous road and it seemed he understood and left there. However, he was coming to our car now and tried to enter it desperately. He refused to leave and jumped at the door and we did not want to just drive away. When we opened the door, he immediately jumped into the car and made himself comfortable on the backseat, although he seemed confused as if searching for something. After talking to people in the area, it became clear Kenny suddenly appeared at the roadside and always tried to enter cars. He was obviously confused and feeling all alone and probably tried to find his master, who most likely had taken him there to abandon him.
From Kenny’s point of view, his master must have taken him to a walk that day and Kenny was probably very happy he could take the car to go somewhere new for a walk. He must have jumped happily out of car in a new area far away from his home, when his master opened the door of the car.
Probably his owner has thrown a bone or ball to somewhere to make him chase it and then quickly drove away with his car. Unfortunately that is the usual story of abandoning a dog and we heard this story many times. The dog, then coming back with the bone or ball, is totally confused. His master is gone! The natural reaction of a dog will be to search his master and so Kenny, who was most likely brought to a place far away from his home, tried to re-enter into any car desperately searching his master.
In case the owner might change his mind, we even posted pictures of him with our phone number in the neighborhood, but of course no-one called us. If we had left Kenny there, he most likely got crashed by a car or end up caught by the city dog catcher and finally in the local “dog shelter”. In such a city dog shelter, he would be killed on the seventh day.
But as we now took care of him, we brought him to a vet who found the dog is very healthy. He is in our care now, but as we are always full of dogs we would like find a home for Kenny. He does not like barking and is very fond of children and loves to play with them. Please consider Kenny as a new member for your family.