about me

Roma was first encountered by one of our members on a public square downtown where he, a slim black dog, was sitting all day long and looking confused. Nobody around seemed to know anything about him, but it became clear from his behavior he was recently abandoned. He also was too slim to be healthy. However, being full of foster dogs, we didn’t take care on the same day. There are street dogs everywhere so one cannot take care of all. Every day our member passed by the square and the dog was always sitting there sadly; sometimes he was to be seen to eat some scrap from the street.
After almost one week, our member went to lunch in a small restaurant close to the square and out of a habit looked out for the dog. But he was nowhere to be seen! However, an exited crowd of school kids caught our member’s eye and she was wondering what was going on, when she saw the crowd of about twenty kids was bending down and seemingly shoving something on the floor. Uneasy, our member approached the scene and before he could get a good look at what’s going on he saw a black dog bursting out of the crowd of kids and running for road. The kids where after it, throwing bottles and stones after the frightened dog, which headed for the next road. Before our member was even close enough to do anything, the dog entered the road and got hit by a passing motor cycle. It was howling out in pain and finally lying still with a twisted front leg. The kids gathered around it and some where making fun of their victim while others were obviously feeling uneasy about the result of their chase. When our member blamed the kids they quickly disappeared, but one stated the dog had approached one of the kids which was eating something, which had caused the aggression against the stray dog. Parents teach their kids stray dogs would be vermin and dirty and so no-one can expect kids to treat strays with kindness.
Our member brought the dog, which he later called Roma, to a vet and the leg was found to be injured but could be treated. Roma’s leg healed quickly, but when he just seemed to be fine again, Roma got a nasty internal inflammation which turned out to be very dangerous and even made a blood transfusion necessary. It was seemingly unrelated to the accident and the result of the hard life of a stray dog previously.
Roma has now fully recovered and has shiny black fur and looks beautiful; he is carefully with strangers at first but very friendly and joyful once he discovered he will get treated well. Please help to give Roma a new home, where he can feel safe and loved, instead of almost getting killed only because he was asking for food.