about me

One of our members passed by a small farm on a regular basis and noticed a dog, which we later called Wallis, being kept on a short chain every day. Talking to the owner, it became clear Wallis was used as a breeding machine and her puppies got sold for profit and she could never get a break from becoming pregnant. When approaching her we noticed, she was not behaving aggressively as one might expect from a dog kept on a short chain. We noticed the heavy rash her tight collar caused on her skin and Wallis, being underfed with protruding ribs, gave us the impression she only wanted one thing: to leave there as soon as possible.
Speaking to the owner we mentioned her weak condition, nut the farmer stated he would not care as long as she produces enough puppies for him.
When we expressed our will to save the dog from this terrible existence, he made clear we had to buy her. As we always have to pay several bills from veterinaries for our saved dogs, we had to collect the necessary money over some time and finally managed to buy Wallis from the farmer after negotiating the price. It was a joy to see how happy she was to come off that leash and the tight collar, which at first made her scream out in pain, whenever someone touched her chain. She jumped at us happily when we took off the collar that was causing her so much pain.
We brought her to a vet and were glad to hear she did not have any sickness and only needed a thorough diet to gain strength again and some time to heal the rash, because having given birth to so many puppies had worn her body out. After getting special nutrition she is now in perfect condition. However, her teats are stretched from so much breeding, but they should return to normal after some time.
Wallis has one habit: As she was imprisoned for so long in a bad environment, she had learned how to climb fences by putting her feet into the meshes just like a cat. After climbing a fence she will sit happily in front of it rather than being inside. Consequently her future garden should have a wall rather than a fence.
She is a happy and friendly dog and very intelligent and we are sad she was treated like a breeding machine without feelings by her owner. Please consider giving her a loving home where she can feel like a family member and be a loyal companion.